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A broadcast journalist uncovers the secrets of professional wrestling’s most notorious television segments, while on the hunt for a reclusive wrestler from his childhood.

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Thursday May 14, 2020

We sit down with Alyssa ( and Jake "The Snake" Robert's snake handler, Tweezer Ramon (@TheMichaelTaker) to examine the time Jake's cobra bit "Macho Man" Randy Savage. music by: Piff Tannen 

Sunday Jun 07, 2020

Norm (@NormanQ) joins us to uncover Vince McMahon's dealings in the Middle East with Irwin R. Schyster's personal tax accountant, T.E. Vajine (@truerealkevin). Music: Piff Tannen

Wednesday Jun 24, 2020

Kevin (@JustSkiff) and I discuss The Woo-off involving Jay Lethal and Ric Flair with Slick Water Drip (@jayabe2), Jay Lethal's personal stylist in TNA. Music: Piff Tannen

Friday Jul 17, 2020

Leon (@listentoleon) joins us to discuss the Macho Man's Cream of the Crop promo with Byron Feldstein (@danielstrauss), the cafeteria worker who claims that he gave Randy Savage the idea. Music: Piff Tannen.

Friday Jul 31, 2020

We discuss the The Rockers breakup with Derec Fiorentino (@NonProfitComic),  a writer and travelling barber for the WWF. And Alyssa's back! Music: Piff Tannen

Monday Aug 24, 2020

wReStlinG jOurNaliST Zane Meldter (@CodySkinnerFan) joins Skiff(@JustSkiff) and I to talk about the Top 5 promos of 2020. Plus: a crazy update on The Rockers episode. Music: Piff Tannen

Thursday Oct 15, 2020

Season Finale Part 1. Anonymous Raw General Manager. Comedian Adrian Rodney(@adrianrodney) and disgraced jetboat racing play-by-play man Chris Durkin (@sweatyinthecity) Music: Piff Tannen

Thursday Oct 15, 2020

Season Finale Part 2. A conversation with Guillermo Garcia “GG” Gomez aka The GobbledyGooker (@xavellence). Music: Piff Tannen

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